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Listen to LIVE action from the Guam Police, ambulances, EMS, and the Guam Fire Dispatch Center!  We are here to serve you and answer any questions you have about scanners and the fine art/hobby of scanning our airwaves. You will gain a unique perspective, insight and understanding on how dedicated and hard working the professionals at GPD, GFD, their dispatchers and others really are. Without fanfare, these professionals are working 24/7 for you, your family and our Island.  Give them your thanks!  


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Listen live and uncensored. Anything can, and does happen on our Island at all hours of the day or night. Stay aware and know what is going on around you. This allows concerned citizens the ability to stay informed and aware of the activity that is happening now. Helping neighborhood watch groups and others improve safety, security and crime fighting efforts.     

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(Hear some really good examples of great radio discipline along with some really, really poor examples)

Civilian Volunteer Police Reserve

Citizens Police Academy

CAPE Program


Who Would Want to Listen to an On-line Police Scanner?

That's a good question, who would want to listen to an on-line police scanner?

In today's world, interest is high when it comes to personal safety and security.  The times we live in, dictate that each of us stay keenly aware of what is going on around us.  Here are just a few types of individuals that may have an interest in listening to an on-line scanner:

  • Our Man'amko – Let's face it, sometimes our Man'amko just get plain board and lonely, many, may find listening to an on-line scanner to be both interesting and stimulating.
  • Parents – Parents may find it critically important to listen during bus transport times of their students.  They can be informed of adverse traffic situations or breakdowns of buses that may be taking place.  Parents may also find it important to listen on Friday and Saturday nights when their older kids are out on the roadways with their friends.
  • News Reporters – They will find that listening can give their news gathering teams vital information concerning breaking news stories.
  • Private Security Companies - enhance coordination.
  • People interested in Search and Rescue efforts.
  • All people could stay informed by listening during times of inclement weather.
  • Small Mom and Pop Store operators.
  • People who are interested in hearing live drama, as it happens.
  • People who would want to listen, before making a decision to invest in their own scanner (try before you buy).  

This is the short list. There are many, many more levels of interest people have out there that would find listening to an on-line scanner enjoyable, fascinating and mesmerizing.


- Key users and uses of scanners include -

Public Safety

Patrol cars and dispatch centers use scanners to monitor, and cross-communicate with, neighboring police and fire departments. In today’s world scanners can provide critical communications "interoperability.”

News Media

Photographers, videographers, reporters and assignment desk editors use scanners to learn of breaking news stories the moment they happen.

Home Security & Personal Safety

Keep a scanner on your night table, kitchen, living room or in your car, to stay abreast of all police and fire activity in your community. Stay informed of weather or civil emergencies.

Corporate Security

For disaster planning and operations there is no better way to stay informed of conditions around your building/campus than to monitor the communications of the local emergency services.

Public Buildings, Hospital and School Security

Whether it's for storm alerts or any other local emergency situation, having a scanner can keep your employees, clients and visitors safe and well informed.

Neighborhood Watch

Learn of criminal activity in your neighborhood and what you should be watching out for.

Gain an appreciation for the job performed by Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT's and their Dispatchers.  (scanning is a great way to learn about the work our public servants perform).

Do all this while staying informed to the happenings on our Island. 


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Home and Neighborhood Safety

Crime prevention and personal safety tips to help keep you, your family and your community safe from crime 

In these times of economic distress, many people are concerned about the threat of rising crime in their communities. Fortunately, there are ways to help protect your home and your neighborhood from crime. From simple steps like keeping your doors locked to starting a Neighborhood Watch program, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent crime.

Work with your neighbors to keep your neighborhood clean and orderly. Keep spare keys with a trusted neighbor or nearby shopkeeper, not under a doormat or planter, on a ledge, or in the mailbox. Set timers on lights when you're away from home or your business is closed, so they appear to be occupied. Illuminate or eliminate places an intruder might hide: the spaces between trees or shrubs, stairwells, alleys, hallways, and entry ways. With many law enforcement agencies cutting costs, it has never been more important for citizens to work together to prevent crime.

- Information about Home and Neighborhood Safety -

Neighborhood Safety Tips For Parents
Advice for parents on keeping your kids safe in your neighborhood

Neighborhood Watch
Tips and information on starting and running a Neighborhood Watch program

Techniques people can use to reduce crime in their communities

Gas Station Theft Prevention
Tips and posters for preventing crime in gas stations

Celebrate Safe Communities
Celebrate crime prevention and local communities making a difference 

GFD Stations

National Weather Service (Guam)